On Track Handicapper Available For You Or Your Group
Boomer Handicaps Races
Video Outline - This is what the 1 hour/15 minute DVD video covers
Video Outline:
 1st Hour:
1) Passing a Race
2) Conditions
    A) Track to Track
    B) Within the same track
    C) Does the horse fit classwise?
3) Know the 3 basic fundamentals
     A) Speed
     B) Pace
     C) Class
4) Betting Examples
      A)  How to properly structure tickets
      B)  How to decide what type of wager to make and when
      C)  How to spot overlays/underlays
5) How to Grade Horses
      A) Positive modifiers
      B) Negative Modifiers
6) Predictability
       A) Pace/Lone speed
       B) Interpreting workouts
       C) Maiden Claimers
7) Class 
       A) Difference between handicapping stakes horses and claimers class wise
       B) How Class can affect the pace of a race
8) Trainers
       A) Tactics
       B) Trends
       C) Workouts
       D) Selection of jockey
       E) Win percentage
9) Focus
        A) Your track
        B) Other tracks to potentially look at
10) Practice
        A) How to know when you're ready
        B) Difference between practice and the REAL thing
11) Jockeys
        A) High percentage riders
        B) Low percentage riders
        C) Selection of mount criteria
        D) How much real effect do they have?
12) Wrap-up
        A) Tie it together
        B) Watch for newsletters and updates

Last 15 minutes: Panel discussion by Greg "Boomer" Wry, Craig Lanham, and Don Stevens (Track Announcer and Handicapper) on the Breeder's Cup.